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Terms & Conditions

Biz4sure is a novel concept of multi market place. The focus here is on fulfilling the meaning of it’s name, literally. All activities and plans are simply targeted at Brand building & promotions. Any and every business who caters to wide market can benefit by simply having their presence on this platform. We follow strict business ethics where everyone gets an equal opportunity to showcase themselves to the exposed market and benefit from it.

Some of the basic fundamental terms are as under :

  • We denounce hatred, terrorism, country bashing, gender & all kinds of inequality, color discrimination and things like that.
  • Porn, abuses and any kind of indecent activities, unhealthy, unsocial advertisements or companies are not allowed in any form on this site.
  • It is implied that all those who are present on Biz4sure platform are in agreement with all the rules and policies of the site.
  • Business rules at Biz4sure may change as per the conditions, demand & needs of the market at that point in time. Larger interest of clients would always be given top priority.
  • It is not mandatory to intimate each and every user personally for every change in the policy that takes place. The terms would be made available online for all to check anytime.
  • Any individual or company having their presence on Biz4sure does not ensure our agreement to their logic or concept of business. We do not approve of them unless stated. Biz4sure being a market place and a facilitator provides certain services and opportunities for them to showcase about them to the world thru it’s dynamic platform.
  • Biz4sure does everything to bring your company into limelight by providing facilities and ease of use for the users on the site to access each and every information available on site.
  • The Business space would buzz with multi business activities making it’s potential very high for B2B businesses.
  • Although all efforts & steps are taken to highlight businesses, Biz4sure does not guarantee any revenue commitment for your business in terms of Value or percentage.
  • Your page on Biz4sure site would require many more additional steps and activities to promote it in order to bring traffic to your page so that it converts into a business.
  • Biz4sure is very interactive and would like to hear from everyone, even if it’s something very small. Every small feedback from you carries immense potential. Being frank and open would help you as well as the community on the market place of Biz4sure.
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